MTB Beteiligungen AG

MTB Beteiligungen AG is an international group of medium-sized companies with combined revenues of € 1,007 million in 2018/19 and approx. 6,693 employees. The MTB Group is divided into four subgroups.

The largest subgroup, the MTH Retail Group, is comprised of the companies LIBRO and PAGRO in Austria, MÄC GEIZ and PFENNIGPFEIFFER in Germany, IBA and OFFICE WORLD in Switzerland. The retail and B2B distribution channels are used to trade goods of all kinds, mainly for school, office, household and leisure.

The Access-control group develops, distributes, installs and manages parking systems and access systems for ski resorts, stadiums, trade fairs and convention centers and public transport. DESIGNA and its foreign subsidiaries are offering parking management services, and AXESS and its foreign subsidiaries are responsible for passenger access control systems.

In the Machine Tools sector, the KRAUSE & MAUSER Group supplies high-precision machines for the automotive industry and their suppliers. Its worldwide customers are supplied from the sales and production sites in Germany and Austria and supplied by branches in the USA and China.

Financial investments include financial services, IT software and consulting services.


MTB Beteiligungen AG

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